Cooking Classes

Culinary Confidence: Portland's private, in-home cooking classes

The foundation of Culinary Confidence
is to provide a fun, comfortable learning experience
for all who desire to acquire
more culinary knowledge and skills.

Here’s a look at ways Culinary Confidence can help you – –

Collaboration: Connect with me via e-mail or phone for a consultation to determine your culinary instructional needs and develop a custom tailored instructional session where we will work together to accomplish your learning goals!

Cooking: Your class takes place in your kitchen, using your own utensils, appliances, and work spaces. This ensures that what you learn can be truly repeated time after time.  I can teach creative cooking techniques in kitchens ranging from a studio apartment with limited space and appliances to a dream kitchen with all the latest culinary equipment.

Shopping:  Sometimes picking out the juiciest cut of meat or the freshest produce can be a little daunting.  Take advantage of the opportunity to shop with a seasoned chef.  Learn what to fill your pantry with and learn a few ways to potentially save some money.

Organization: One of the secrets to success in your kitchen is making sure everything is readily accessible where and when you need it.  I can assist in organizing your kitchen for optimal efficiency!

Entertainment: Having some family over and want to do something fun and out of the ordinary? Wanting to find a creative new activity for ladies’ night?  Culinary Confidence will do larger, party-style sessions for those who would like to entertain their guests with a cooking class!  Class size will be only be limited to kitchen size and work space available.

Follow-up Consultation: After your experience with Culinary Confidence, you will be entitled to one month of free telephone and/or e-mail consultation for any culinary questions and concerns.  Can’t remember a technique, not sure how to scale down a recipe, don’t know a term in a cooking description?…  Culinary Confidence can assist you!